[Super Nintendo] 2020 Super Baseball

2020 Super Baseball
Full name2020 Super Baseball
File size603.8KB
Genre Sports
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Super Baseball 2020 is a futuristic baseball video game. It was first released in Japan for the Neo Geo in 1991


It’s baseball in the Year 2020. Your players have muscular enhancers and jetpacks to make the game more interesting. The teams can be very different. Some have only Men, some only women, some only robots (and one female named Replica, a reference to Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner.)


This is where the game is at its strongest, new fresh ideas. Ideas like jetpacks, I mean c’mon, it’s jetpacks it must be good. The best idea was the use of money. Good plays get you money to spend on upgrading hitting, running, throwing, and pitching ability. The coolest thing about the Money part is, the more you please the crowd, the more money you get. So while just standing under a ball will get you 800 bucks. Jumping 40 feet in the air to catch it nabs 1000.

And the hardest and most dangerous is getting out of position, waiting for the ball to fall, and using your pack to jet on the ground to catch it. It requires precise timing and gets you 1500 bucks. While all these tricks here are cheap ways of getting money, you can also use the jump and slide to save yourself, like catching a home run ball before it goes out, catching a bunt by sliding to it, stuff like that.

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