[Super Nintendo] ABC Monday Night Football

ABC Monday Night Football
Full nameABC Monday Night Football
File size511.2KB
Genre Sports
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

ABC MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL is one of those games that had attracted tens of millions of players every week when it was first released in the 70s of the last century. The game takes place from the best team of bogs and coaches in the history of the NFL tournament. You will be immersed in the top of the game and direct the ball situations. Let’s find out what it has to do with this game.


ABC’s Monday Night Football’s game interface includes multiple viewing windows. You will be guided on how to make a visual call. If you want to change any message or instruction, you can pick up the caller with a simple click. This style of the interface makes it easy to see where you are looking. Therefore, it has a pretty high rating for convenience.


This game’s strength must be mentioned in the gameplay, not in the graphics or sound as people think. Computers with exemplary configuration will usually have a better experience than the average machine. ABC’s Saturday Night Football also has its own action mode though this is pretty insane as it’s not in the game’s guidebook. You will have to experience and learn by yourself when playing this challenge mode because most of the world’s best teams and gameplay are also at the most challenging level without previous instructions.

Graphics and sound

When participating in soccer matches in different leagues, you can choose from 8 different camera angles. Still, there is no way to customize them while playing, automatically switching to a friend. Customization can only be done when you watch and highlight dangerous situations or score goals. The game features player-related designs and relatively good stadiums. The sound of the commentator is quite varied, and the audience’s voice is also quite attractive. At that time, it was possible to do such good sound effects. It was clear that the design team spent a lot of work.

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