[Super Nintendo] Accelebrid

Full nameAccelebrid
File size788.2KB
Genre Action , Shooter
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

This is one of the first shooting games of the 16-bit shooter and action generation that was first released in 1993 on the Nintendo platform. The game includes thrilling shooting scenes and relatively good graphics.


This is a shooting game that allows you to choose a Gundam robot character and choose guns for your name. Next, you control the character forward through a tunnel and fight against enemies who are also devouring robots coming towards you. However, why your robot is up against its type is not explained. Since this game also has no clear storyline, what you need to do when entering the competition is shoot and shoot. One exciting thing about this game is that you can turn this robot into a plane to fly up instead of performing basic moves like jumping and shooting. This is especially useful when you can use this year to get out of the situation of being surrounded by robots. However, the number of transforms is also limited, so it is not right if you abuse.

Design and music

It has a unique desktop background. I believe the design team spent months working on this design idea. You should feel impressed when you start playing. It’s been a surprise since 1993 that designers have created such suitable robot character shapes. Although these robot images are not too complicated in terms of details, their movements and colors are designed very appropriately. You can play for a long time without getting tired of the dark and dark shades of it.

The music’s quality is endorsed by one of the famous authors Nobuo Uematsu, who is renowned for his music in the Final Fantasy series. He has released a series of 12 tracks full of his distinctive style to make different soundtracks corresponding to varying levels of play.

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