[Super Nintendo] ACME Animation Factory

ACME Animation Factory
Full nameACME Animation Factory
File size693.1KB
Genre Educational
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

This is an educational-oriented game that was first published on the Nintendo platform in 1995. The game collects exciting minigames revolving around many different topics and many additional quests, with smooth graphics and exciting gameplay. This is an extremely entertaining game.


The ability to control the game depends on the mouse’s speed and quality, even if you use it. This is really a game for those who are passionate about minigames. Unlike Mario-style games, you will be given different crates to click on to the beat and match up with pairs of Looney Tunes hiding in those crates. You have three empty crates in this pile. If you hit one of 3, you will lose all your points. If, according to statistical probability, your “death” rate is exceptionally high


It comes with some voice acting when you go to the main interface of the game. Mel Blanc’s seemingly pre-recorded voices. But they are distorted so that they can circumvent piracy laws, creating a rather unpleasant feeling.

Besides, you can experience some neoclassical music in this game. It can be Italian classics or flower classics. Most of these songs have no lyrics and are set as default background music in each play. If you play a lot, it seems that you need to listen to the music to guess which part of the game the player is stopping at. Besides, the game also mixed a few electronic tunes like ragtime or some genres of MIDI.


Sunsoft’s graphics are quite well done on the SNES platform. It has some pretty cute animations on the menu bar. In particular, all the characters are animated with your cute expressions and affectionate paintings. It is an eager experience for players. The backgrounds and frames are also interchangeable in the gameplay. You will not feel bored like many other games or keep one frame for many rounds.

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