[Super Nintendo] Acrobat Mission

Acrobat Mission
Full nameAcrobat Mission
File size452.5KB
Genre Shooter
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

In Acrobat Mission is an interesting shooter from the developer Nintendo on the gaming platform Super Nintendo. It is one of the best shooting games at all time.

The game context

Acrobat Mission is set in the future context (2100). At that time, the natural environment of the Earth has been destroyed due to the bad effects of human development and destruction. Therefore, a new settlement campaign was agreed by the leaders in the world. Humans will start moving to Mars to build a colony for creating a new habitat for humans. In addition to the task of leaving Earth, mankind left a special biological device to restore some of the natural environment for the Earth. From that, people can return to this planet one day. After 50 years of building colonies and having a safe life on Mars, humanity faced another risk of extinction. Specifically, a mysterious alien race attacked the colonies of humankind. Therefore, the military forces were mobilized to fight against the attacks of aliens. This force had a special type of spacecraft, helping them move faster and could confront many enemies. This equipment was called Icarus. Also, the combat activities of the human military forces were the Acrobat Mission.

How to play

Similar to other shooting challenges, Acrobat Mission allows gamers to control 1 Icarus. In which, you have the task of destroying the enemy spacecraft before they can attack your base. Besides, your spacecraft will be moved vertically and enemies will appear from many different directions on the screen. The game allows you to equip a variety of weapons for your spacecraft to fight against enemies. In which, there are 3 types of weapons for you to use, including 1 basic weapon (Standard Shot – laser gun) and 2 special weapons (Hurricane Shot and Wave Shot). Specifically, Standard Shot is the weapon available on the spaceship when you start the game. It has normal damage and you need to attack enemies repeatedly to be able to defeat them. With the other two special weapons, players can collect and use them on the way. In particular, Hurricane Shot brings a beautiful effect, which will create a powerful circle of fire and surround your ship. And Wave Shot is a weapon that can deal with large-scale damage.

In addition to the above weapons, you can carry a maximum of 2 bombs. They can destroy all enemies on the map. In addition to activating the bombs at the right time, you also have to make sure the enemy doesn’t hit your 2 bombs. They are hanging on the wing of the spacecraft, which can explode when being hit by enemies’ bullets.

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