[Super Nintendo] Act Raiser 2

Act Raiser 2
Full nameAct Raiser 2
File size1.0MB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

After the extremely successful first version of Actraiser with a modern approach and a relatively unique game mode, it is not difficult to understand when the manufacturer continued to release a second version of the game released not long after that. Part 2 has even more superior features than the first version. Although the core gameplay has not changed too much, the breakthrough in graphics and character lines has contributed to maintaining the game’s successful circuit. Let’s find out what is here?


Before playing this game, you need to keep in mind that it has two separate modes of play, including action modes/side-scrolling platforms or action/strategy games from a high perspective. Actraiser 2 focuses almost exclusively on the side-scrolling method, ignoring the strategy part, which was the part that made the name of the first version. You can start solving any area of ​​the map as long as you want. This is different from the first version when you have to complete each task from easy to difficult. The game also integrates many different levels. The primary playing mechanism has been made more complicated and cumbersome. The main character has more and more flexible moves. You will also find it more challenging to control your name when the bouncing heroes’ speed is only half, and its reaction is also significantly slower. This means it is quite different from the original game. You are good at playing the original game, but you may not be good at it. To master the skills, you will need a little practice. Actraiser 2 is also designed hard enough for you to give up easily. Not many people are patient enough to handle this game. Because of its difficulty level, the game is no longer as fun as the original.


The first Actraiser had some excellent graphics, but Actraiser 2 is probably a breakthrough in design. Everything is meticulously trimmed, and there is no dead corner. Your beast opponents are drawn in great detail from expression to stance and attack. More specifically, each level has a unique design. The monster generals have cared even more when each of them feels like a final boss.

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