[Super Nintendo] Act Raiser

Act Raiser
Full nameAct Raiser
File size655.5KB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

ActRaiser is a model game where you can unleash your creativity with your imagination to build your own city. The game was first launched on the Nintendo platform in the late 1990s by Enix and produced by Quintet. It is a combination of a pure side-scrolling platform and a complex urban planning system. After the extremely successful launch, the next versions of the game were released one after another, but none of the performances have surpassed this original version.


In ActRaiser, you will have to play the role of an ancient Greek god to chase away the forces of monsters that invade the world. Besides, you need to guide humanity in the most civilized and polite way to develop. You will be able to choose from 6 different lands to perform the quest. The missions are divided by levels of action and simulation levels.

You will jump between different platforms to attack monsters with equipped weapons and try to get to the activity level’s final level. There, you have to face the devil guardian. If you defeat it, you will be given the right to build your city and instruct your people on developing civilization in the area it occupies.

Other than that, in the simulation, your task will be to sit back and give birth when your people build a house. You can also take the time to block the last monster lair around your area. You will sit back when they create a home and give birth. Success in simulating and consolidating civilizations will be a decisive factor for your survival in action mode because you get more support from food to fortifications.


You will hear a variety of exciting sounds throughout the game. The author of all of the game’s music is the famous Japanese producer Yuzo Koshiro, known for his hit Streets of Rage soundtracks. The songs selected in the game are all breathtaking classical and dramatic. These fascinating opening notes will haunt you.

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