[Super Nintendo] Action Pachio

Action Pachio
Full nameAction Pachio
File size619.4KB
Genre Platform
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Action Pachi Otto is one of the few games that has the perfect combination of the elements of Sonic and Golf Ball with the exciting aspects of Mario’s coins. Its main plot is still the story revolves around a golfer who is on a mission to save distant and dangerous planets, including his own.


The game is not too dull, but in general, it has relatively simple gameplay. You will control the golfer in 2 transport modes. You can choose to travel by road or 2 is the Sonic ball mode. You will only have to use walk mode when jumping to get to the platform. You also cannot kill an opponent in this mode. Sonic ball mode is more fun when you have to press the down button to move. What’s notable is that you can roll and roll like a ball and destroy many landscapes. When meeting an opponent, you have to jump them to move mode to kill them. However, it is challenging to master. When you increase your power to a certain threshold, you will gain very virtual stealth. However, this feature will not help you to kill the enemy without the enema.


The characters are mainly designed simply in circles and squares alternating, but this is quite interesting when their faces are relatively easy to see and recognize. Character effects and movement are also above average except that their invisibility, and when you gain the power of items picked up along the way, products show strength. Also very powerful. It will blink like you are watching the warriors of Dragon Ball series.


It has a few quality tracks in each round. Music colors tend to be quite young in general and repetitive. When the character moves, there are also sound details attached, produced with a 1-key organ that is quite suitable for children. The sound effects of this Japanese game always have quality soundtracks. It has a bit of the direction of children’s songs often heard and repeated; the 1-key keyboard details the characters’ movement effects. When you use products that support power, it also has the smallest detailed effects when you pop and cover.

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