[Super Nintendo] Adventures Of Batman & Robin, The

Adventures Of Batman & Robin, The
Full nameAdventures Of Batman & Robin, The
File size1.3MB
Region Europe Europe
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

The Adventures of Batman & Robin is one of the video games adapted from the famous cartoon his series of the same name. It was formally developed by Konami in 1994 to 1995 with the characters DC Comics Batman and released for multiple platforms, with CD Genesis versions, Game Gear, and Sega do Sega.


This is the version where Batman’s character is best made. The plot stages of the movie are also mentioned and intervened in the game in many different parts. The steps in the game are also done in the same way as the cartoons. At each stage, you will be given video cutscenes to guide. After that, the most advanced weapons will be equipped, and of course, you can choose from one of them. Because they can be significant in the process needed, for example, in the second act, you will have to use a flashlight to detect mines hidden in the museum’s dark during a power outage. However, you always have a grappling stick to handle a variety of situations that arise.

You can also punch, kick, and use many of the equipment you collect to avoid scum traps and solve those puzzles. You can choose your network number, but a maximum of 5 in total. Besides, if you can’t find all that is needed at each level, you better go back to that level and pick up what’s left.


The sound is remade almost identical to the famous cartoon showing the designer’s sophistication. The quiet melodies are adventurous and engaging throughout the game. The sound effects in melee combat are very realistic. The different crossbow sounds and gunshots are clearly distinguished. However, you will also feel the useful similarity of this game with Konami’s other titles like Contra. The typical Joker’s voice haunts you and leaves you on the back of your head.

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