[Super Nintendo] Adventures Of Dr. Franken, The

Adventures Of Dr. Franken, The
Full nameAdventures Of Dr. Franken, The
File size777.5KB
Genre Platform
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Dr. Franken or The Adventures of Dr. Franken are video games that were first released in 1992 for both GBA and SNES platforms. This game features the character Frankie famous for the task of collecting scattered parts from the game parts.


Your mission is to play the character named Frankie to pass over the challenge of 20 different levels. Each level must collect at least four devices and find an exit before the time limit is over. Each stage has relatively many things to do, but you will have the opportunity to complete the game in a different order. So you can complete the game in a separate order you want. However, this is also one of the most annoying games on the SNES platform you’ll ever see. You only get a short and unclear attack range with large enemies and surprise appearances. You won’t have time to react and lose your life in a very vain manner.

The main character also has pretty basic attacks such as flip kicks or jump kicks. He also has a chance to find guns that shoot and momentarily stun enemies by pressing R or pressing L to throw fireballs, which are also limited in number. When controlling Frankie, you will have to press the A, Y, and opposite buttons, respectively, if you want the attack to be left, right, or back.


The game has been very well compensated in terms of the visuals of many beautiful scenes included. Frankie and the enemy are both large and detailed in detail. The design is different for each enemy in general. You will be impressed by the uniquely designed wallpaper, and there are ten different themes of scenes such as castles, dungeons, and construction sites. Each stage has its own unique style because other designers make it.


The sound is also refined little by the manufacturer when it is made with a high degree of finish. However, the number of tracks is not enough for the playing parts, and sometimes the song is repeated many times. The sound is also not scary enough when you experience scenes like an abandoned church or a prison. Most objects get the sound effects of birds singing, twigs, and the sounds of pebbles.

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