[Super Nintendo] Adventures Of Kid Kleets, The

Adventures Of Kid Kleets, The
Full nameAdventures Of Kid Kleets, The
File size795.6KB
Genre Platform
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

This is a video game of a platform genre and was first published in 1993. The player will play the main character and stand up for the tournament’s golden cup and exit from alien forces. Let’s find out what this game is right about.


You will play the role of a soccer player to represent your country in the world championship tournament. However, the dark alien forces have tried to win the most prestigious gold cup in the world. And as part of the match, you have to stand up to fight and claim the cup. These aliens tear this cup into pieces. Your mission will be to search the world from the smallest lands to the most remote areas. You will encounter many obstacles from alien robots, animals, and other strange evil enemies.


The Nintendo platform is indeed the best fit for this game. You will feel crazy about the level of humor when your ball is the weapon for you to fight the enemy. But the funniest thing is that you can lose your shadow into the enemy’s hands and be in danger since then. However, at the end of each level, you have the right to request one more ball. The game’s main character has an excellent skill set to overcome many obstacles with his ball. He’s also very rarely able to lose his ball unless you’re a dumb novice.

Playing the ball in the opponent’s face makes you entirely satisfied. Like so many football cartoons, this ash excels in the main character’s ability to get dynamic ball shots like butterfly kicks or powerful aerial rolls. However, in addition to the primary mission, you must get yourself points accumulated by collecting valuable items on the sidelines of the match.

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