[Super Nintendo] Adventures Of Tintin, The – Prisoners Of The Sun

Adventures Of Tintin, The – Prisoners Of The Sun
Full nameAdventures Of Tintin, The - Prisoners Of The Sun
File size1.4MB
Genre Action , Adventure
Region Europe Europe
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Prisoners of the Sun are a series of games adapted from the same name’s animated movie and enjoyed worldwide popularity. And Tintin is part of this popular series.


In levels, Tintin must explore a ship with his feral cat or sneak into the buildings of notorious shooters sheltered by Haddock. The last group that comes to mind is Haddock and Tintin’s scene running to their execution. They tried to fight back with the guards there to escape. The elements that appear in the game are not very well arranged as children or small stray dogs can injure Tintin.

Tintin can perform necessary actions such as running, jumping, and kneeling. The deeper he progresses, the more advanced he gets, unlocking other more preeminent skills such as swimming, dodging punches, climbing, or the ability to walk on ropes. Almost all of the mishaps are thrown at the main character at the same time. All of this is mostly explained at the beginning of the game. The Prisoner of the Sun has been criticized by users for this rather harshly because of this lack of clarity.


The game remains true to the visual style of the original series. All the background scenes and animations were created with many different variations, especially the Tibetan one. The game is also held in many different locations to reduce boredom. It is made well from luxury villas to deep underground basements. The main character’s visual details are also made to the maximum. He has extremely accurate and realistic simulated movements, especially how he climbs the cliffs in the snowy mountains.

Prisoners of the Sun adds some 3D parts. Specifically, it adds small details like cars running along the road or blizzards. At the time, this was a detailed group that was considered to be extremely superior to other games of its time.


The background music of the game is probably quite ok and fun. When you eat the score, the whole device vibrates quite differently. Sound effects are relatively consistent with the activities in the game. All gunshots, screams of wild animals, and snow wind are made quite quality. However, Tintin’s voice seems a bit older than the character image.

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