[Super Nintendo] Aero Fighters

Aero Fighters
Full nameAero Fighters
File size551.8KB
Genre Action , Simulation
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Aero Fighters is a game that originated in Japan. This is also definitely a vertical shooting game for gaming machines. It was first released in 1992 and officially entered the Nintendo system in early 1993.


Overall, Aero Fighters is a challenging game. It requires you to master the skills of too sophisticated controls and requires extremely sharp tactical vision. You also need to improve your dodge reflexes if you really want to reach the game’s final goal.

As you go deeper into the following rounds, you will feel the game mode becomes more difficult and requires more super skills. For example, you have to overcome twice the number of obstacles in the 4th round while the first round only has half. You will only have about 1 second to think and imagine the direction to avoid. It always has 2-3 opponents who shoot bullets together. After you take down all the opponents, a magic throat leans down to shoot countless shots at you. This is indeed a crazy thing, but it is true. However, when you practice long enough, you will increase your level and improve.


The graphics in Aero Fighters are rated very excellently. All movements are extraordinarily smooth and well-made. Variety in enemy designs is also appreciated. There are even some awe-inspiring character shadow effects that make you feel like a modern 3D game. In the metropolitan areas, every building is painted with a lot of talent, making it look like 3-D, and the structure is magnificent. Of course, action games of this type will often have to try to make the graphics out of the box to make the game more appealing. The gun is also designed to be quite catchy when you can adjust it, and there are many accessories such as a silencer and scope. The aircraft are carefully equipped with each kind of ammunition of the military of nations.

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