[Super Nintendo] Aerobiz Supersonic

Aerobiz Supersonic
Full nameAerobiz Supersonic
File size580.0KB
Genre Simulation , Strategy
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Aerobiz Supersonic is one of the top strategic game titles originating in Japan. The entire game is a realistic simulation of a top-notch aviation business system published on Koei’s Super Nintendo entertainment system in North America in August 1994. Then it was re-published on many different platforms. This is also the sequel to the famous original game Aerobiz.


You have to play the main character as the CEO of a large airline company. The goal of this company is to create the largest airline brand in the world. You will start with the Tokyo market, and from there, you have to build yourself an empire and an extensive network of flights. You have an assistant named Sendy, who will assist with bidding for airport locations around the world. Keeping track of daily activities is extremely important for a CEO like you. You’re going to have to decide whether to take a 747 to Boston to pick up a bunch of fans back to New York and consider other factors.

However, not only your company, you will have to operate and compete with many other companies owned by AI computers. To be competitive, of course, you can lower the cost of a plane ticket to beat your direct competitor. However, you do not worry too much that you will rise to number one in many different ways and, most importantly, do not make the wrong decisions.

The game is one of the few games that take place in real space. So you will encounter very interesting real-time events. For example, a significant economic recession took place that affected your company a lot, and the number of customers declined quite profoundly. You must resolve the issue immediately if you don’t want to get kicked out of this position. Such factors make the game extremely attractive, stimulating the player to the maximum. Of course, your flights will face enormous risks of a massive attack. Father and this will also wrongly affect your business results a lot. This game is getting a great way to do the gameplay.


The game graphics are also quite appreciated when integrated with many high-rise buildings designed in quite a detail. The most impressive thing is probably that your office’s view is the simulated design from many world-famous buildings, so it is incredibly realistic. The interface is also relatively clear, and the tasks that you must do urgently are also bold and quite distinguishable. If your plane malfunctions, it will show a black smoke spray for you to recognize and fix.

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