[Super Nintendo] Air Cavalry

Air Cavalry
Full nameAir Cavalry
File size449.3KB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Air Cavalry is a flight simulation video game developed by Synergistic Software. Cybersoft and GameTek released it for the Super NES in 1995.


This game is purely a simulation of wars using planes. In the 1-player game, you will choose a helicopter and lead an army of tanks and machine guns. Tanks are not allowed to move and can only be fired on the spot. In pairing mode, you will be able to join together in an army. Helicopters will be able to help you get too many places on the map quickly and without spending too much effort. It is also very beneficial for you how the situation presses to the ground and fires bullets at the opponent. Destroying an army of tanks is probably the most difficult in the levels. However, if you have enough ammo, it won’t take you long to blast your opponent’s tanks. You rarely get adrenaline while playing this game.


In terms of sound, the game has a fair amount of sound. When starting the game, you will have a pretty catchy and catchy song. However, the sound when playing will probably be annoying for many people. It has a mix of explosions, gunshots, and helicopter sounds. When combined with a relatively bleak soundtrack, the game becomes unusual and difficult to explain. The game’s volume control is also appreciated because not many games can do that.


The graphics in the SNES version are relatively consistent. Everything is done in 3D that loves the eyes. You can also grind your plane 360 ​​degrees so you can control the game and destroy your opponent. In general, the graphics of the game have no point to criticize.

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