[Super Nintendo] Albert Odyssey 2

Albert Odyssey 2
Full nameAlbert Odyssey 2
File size1.1MB
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Albert Odyssey 2: Jashin no Taidou is a tactical role-playing game developed and released by Sunsoft in 1994. It is the sequel to the Albert Odyssey game series with unique gameplay and beautiful graphics. The game takes place in battles after the end of the war between Albert and Globus for ten years. In the game, Globus’ empire was destroyed. Some Globus soldiers escaped from Albert’s attack and began to rebuild the new organization. Besides, they conducted to attack many areas around the world. Facing such a dangerous situation, Dean, a young hero admiring Albert’s talent, begins the journey to investigate the Globus organization. During the trip, he has to fight many enemies and Okutoba, a cruel god.

The Story

In Albert Odyssey 2: Jashin no Taidou, the player’s task is to lead Dean to new lands and search for Okutoba’s shelter. Dean is equipped with a long sword and shield. He started in the forest, in which he fought with a warrior of the shadow organization. After defeating the enemy, Dean collected clues leading to the next area. There, he met a magician for a short time. During the conversation, the magician gave Dean a part of his power. Also, Dean learned about a lot of information about the enemy force. ThenHis next enemy is an army of 5 soldiers with weapons of swords. He observes the enemy formation before attacking. To win, he will choose to fight enemies from the left or right, which helps Dean avoid the attack from the enemy. After defeating all of them, he receives a bonus and a map piece that leads to the next areas.

The gameplay

Besides, in the next stages of the game, enemies not only appear in the center of the area. Instead, they are scattered around the map. In addition to being blocked by soldiers, large dragons appear will make Dean very difficult on the journey. It constantly released flames to attack him. If Dean gets attacks from enemies, he will be killed and must perform the mission from the beginning.  When collecting all the pieces of the map, Dean can go to the last castle and fight with Okutoba. Okutoba has powerful magic attacks. It creates the mist to limit Dean’s vision. You have to try your best to destroy the boss. After finishing Okutoba and destroying its castle, your mission is successful.

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