[Super Nintendo] Albert Odyssey

Albert Odyssey
Full nameAlbert Odyssey
File size609.7KB
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Albert Odyssey is a strategy game from the developer Sunsoft. It has been available since in 1993. So far, it has had a huge number of download with many positive reviews from players.

The story

The game revolves around Albert’s journey in a magical world. After the war 10 years ago, human life gradually stabilized and is in the process of development. However, Globus a dark magician, is building his army with the plot to take over the world. He repeatedly invaded lands and rule them. Witnessing Globus’s crimes, Albert and the mercenaries begin their journey to search for Globus’ base and destroy them.

How to play

In the game, players will control Albert and his army to complete the mission. They move to different lands on the map, where the Globus empire invaded to destroy them. Upon arriving in a land, Albert speaks with a resident of that area in search of clues. After gathering enough information, they go-ahead to the regional center and confront Globus’s army. They will participate in the turn-based war. Each army will move through the enemy formation and attack. The battle continued until the enemy was completely destroyed.

After regaining the first land, the player receives an extra warrior and a piece of the suggesting puzzle of the next area. To find the next one, Albert will search in a dark base to find a reasonable path. His army will move to the next battle when Albert unlock the new area. In the next areas, his enemies possess great power and have protective monsters. You have to arrange your units properly for enhancing your army’s power. Albert will choose the target and choose the warrior to perform that action in the first few rounds of the match. In addition to the enemies in the land, Albert and his army also face the pursuit and attack of monsters guarding the land like dragons and dinosaurs. Each warrior in Albert’s army had to fight many monsters to continue moving into the regional center. The battle in the center took place when the soldiers gathered fully.

After bringing peace to many lands, Albert’s army participates in the final battle with Globus and his force. The enemies who appear in this battle are the best soldiers selected by Globus. Albert completed his mission by defeating Globus and destroying his empire.

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