[Super Nintendo] Alcahest

Full nameAlcahest
File size727.8KB
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Alcahest is an action game developed by HAL Laboratory in 1990. Its context is in the fictional world of the late 10th century. In which, the wars of the dark forces and humanity was happening. Before the war, human life was peaceful after Alcahest-the demon king of darkness há been sealed. However, with his magical power, Alcahest was about to destroy the seal and caused bloody battles. With the help of Babilom, the villain from hell, Alcahest destroyed all the rings of the seal. In such a dangerous situation, Alen, the young hero, had to destroy Alcahest and his accomplices once more.

As about the gameplay, players will control Alen in the journey of searching for the hiding place of Alcahest. He has swords and a shield. Alen passes eight stages of the game with many dangers. After talking to the four knights, he is led to a mysterious forest. Here, Alen must fight many monsters like tigers, wild boars and small tornadoes appear in the forest. During the game, he can pick up some items for boosting speed and energy. When Alen touches the blue icon, he gets the speed boost, which can help him do the gliding and acrobatic skills. Also, it helps him not to touch the obstacle and enemies. Alen can pick up many wooden boxes containing items as energy boxes to help him quickly recover. After defeating enemies, Alen will receive many experience points and bonuses. When he has enough experience points, he will level up. The advanced level enhances Alen’s attacks and resistance. At the end of the first stage, he witnesses a battle between a witch and the four large monsters. When the battle is over, the witch will give Alen some power and warn him about the enemies ahead.

In the next stage, Alen meets many monsters and many obstacles in the forest. The two big lizards will appear at the end of the stage, which are the big challenges for him. They can attack Alen with flames. He has to jump and move flexibly to evade those attacks and destroy the enemies. After Alen destroys the lizards, he will escape from the forest. In the later stages of the game, he must pass a cave containing much lava. Destroying enemies in the cave will help Alen reach the top floor of the cave. He gets help from a witch and fights the hell messenger. Alen is taken to the castle at the final stage. In which, he explores the rooms to find Alcahest. A battle occurs when Alen finds Alcahest in the castle’s exit. The game ends when Alen finishes his mission of destroying Alcahest.

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