[Super Nintendo] Alien 3

Alien 3
Full nameAlien 3
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Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Based on the 3rd installment of the popular sci-fi movie Alien (released in 1992), Probe Software developed Alien 3 and 1993. The game is available for multiple platforms like Sega Genesis, Gameboy NES, and SNES. After its release, this game received a lot of positive feedback from players and critics as it brought many major improvements in visuals and sound.

Game background

In the game, you must control the powerful heroine, Ellen Ripley. She is also the main character in the movie. The battle scene in the game takes place in prison on the planet Fiorina 161. Here, you have the task of finding and destroying the Alien, which are dangerous creatures that are reproducing on this planet. You can freely move to the right, left, run, climb, and use the elevator to reach many different areas of the prison and fight monsters. Unlike the setting in the movie, this game will give you a diverse weapon system to fight Alien. The game also has a special type of enemy, Facehuggers. Weapons can be used include Raygun, grenade, or flamethrower. In addition to combat weapons, you also get another support device, a motion tracker. It helps you see who is trying to reach you.

Interesting gameplay

The main goal of each level is to rescue prisoners being captured by Alien. Facehuggers can parasitize prisoners to create new Alien. To stop the transformation, you need to close the doors in the prison to isolate the Alien. It prevents them from reaching prisoners. The missions in the game are arranged in stages. Each stage you have to move to the different locations of the prison to perform the mission. Before entering the battle, you can view the map to capture the important areas to move to first.

Alien 3 has all 6 different stages for players to explore. At the final stage, you must defeat Queen Alien to finish the game. Another feature that you need to keep in mind when fighting is that the duration of each mission is limited. Therefore, you need to complete all of the quest requirements before the countdown drops to 0. In the event that the timer stops and you have not completed the mission, you will have to play again. . Similar to many other fighting games, players need to use weapons wisely in order to destroy as many enemies as possible to achieve high scores.

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