[Super Nintendo] Alien Vs. Predator

Alien Vs. Predator
Full nameAlien Vs. Predator
File size0.0
Genre Beat Em Up
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

“Alien VS Predator” has always been one of the most popular action genre games. You will be playing the character’s role, which intelligently wields guns and other skills to fight enemies.


The time you need to spend to experience all this game is relatively long but entirely worth it. The screens are arranged quite a lot and spread evenly about the difficulty. You have to use up all the skills you have to be able to pass the final round of the game. In the first stage, you are a standard predator and are tasked with hunting the aliens. The blink effect is also used to increase the player’s realism. It also makes it harder to locate your opponent.

When you have completed a quest from the simplest parts, your character will start flashing to notify you. You may be tempted to throw rocks and discs because it is really engaging and fun, but if you do, you will likely forget the primary mission and possibly risk ambush from the side follows from the aliens. It’s okay to start up your stealth device and go invisible in front of your opponent in danger, but doing this also takes your tireless practice.


The graphics in the game can be said to be relatively light, and the colors are a bit quiet. It can make many people feel sleepy. Approximately 50% of the levels reuse very similar backgrounds and colors. The only highlight is that the levels’ bosses are quite elaborate, and it may take a long time to create such diversity and get this level of visual detail for these bosses.

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