[Super Nintendo] Alien Vs. Predator

Alien Vs. Predator
Full nameAlien Vs. Predator
File size0.0
Genre Action
Region Europe Europe
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Alien vs. Predator is a thrilling sci-fi action video game on Super Nintendo. The game is developed based on 2 famous sci-fi franchises, Predator and Alien. With the combination of the above 2 unique characters, it will give you many fierce combat scenes for players to explore. The game gives you 4 different characters to control. Besides, you can control up to 3 characters in each battle. They are Lieutenant Linn Kurosawa, Predator Hunter, Major Dutch Schaefer, and Predator Warrior. In which, each character will have different skill fighting and moveset.


The story in Alien vs. The Predator game begins with the town of San Drad in California being invaded by the Alien. In order to prevent this monster from invading and protect the surrounding area, the US military sent Dutch Schaefer and Linn Kurosawa to the site. Their mission is to destroy all the monsters here. However, they were outnumbered and surrounded by monsters. While standing in the face of death, Predator appeared and destroyed all the nearby Alien. Next, an alliance was formed between the two human warriors and the Predator. They work together to destroy all the monsters hiding inside San Drad. To complete the game, you must pass 7 different stages. The final mission is to find and kill Queen Alien, the leader of the invasion.


To fight monsters, each character has their own unique weapon. Linn wields a katana. Predator Hunter uses the Katana blade. The Predator Warrior uses a spear that can vary in length. Finally, Dutch Schaefer, he uses a robotic arm to attack the enemy. In addition, Dutch can pick up weapons of other characters to use. In addition to the melee weapons above, each character is also equipped with 1 long-range attack weapon. As for Linn, she is provided with a shotgun, Dutch has a machine gun on his robotic arm. The 2 Predators above will use energy guns that are mounted on the shoulder. However, you need to note that the bullets of the guns are limited. When you run out of ammo, they need time to reload. Linn’s weapons heal the fastest, and the Predator’s weapon is the slowest.

In addition, you can also collect and use some other weapons such as flamethrowers, grenade launchers … Like the basic weapons of each character, the ammunition of these weapons is also limited. So you must dispose of them after using up the available ammunition. To restore the health bar each character, you need to pick up support items that often appear scattered on the ground.

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