[Super Nintendo] American Battle Dome

American Battle Dome
Full nameAmerican Battle Dome
File size474.9KB
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

American Battle Dome is a video game with great attraction in the Japanese market. You will have to control the ball with the pinball paddle. On the contrary, you will, of course, get a win or a penalty deduction when you make a mistake. There are many interesting things about this entertaining game.


The control of the main character can be quite tricky for beginners; however, they will only adapt well to this game’s principles. Players can rename their characters according to their teen but must be in Japanese. It also proved to be a perfect fit and fit for the 16-bit Nintendo. You also have different board games available for you to experience with many people at the same time.

Each match is 5-10 minutes in real-time, but the theoretical time in the game is 30 minutes. It does not have to overthink to play this game. Overall it is relatively easy to play, and you can take advantage of 5-10 minutes break to practice every day. Some players may find the music a bit small for their taste; they can always mute the emulator’s sound instead of playing some MP3 files in the background.


The music is actually made quite well that it can hold any player back with the game. There is never boredom in the sound of the playing rink. The tempo of music makes you feel the madness of the way you move and accomplish your goals. Some players may complain about the sound being too low for what they expect. To limit this, you should really use a headset to make everything easier.

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