[Super Nintendo] Andre Agassi Tennis

Andre Agassi Tennis
Full nameAndre Agassi Tennis
File size381.0KB
Genre Sports
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Andre Agassi is the all-time favorite tennis player of all time. TN: If anyone had had the chance to watch this legend play, then perhaps now is old. However, if you want time to have a similar experience when you watch Agassi live, you can choose this game to try. Perhaps it’s worth your time.


You will play as tennis legend Agassi to take part in tennis matches from semi-professional to professional. The control of this player’s actions is quite simple. All you need to do is control the shot’s position, and the required force of the shots should be generated. Of course, you need to manage your player to move more flexibly because the more you go to the inner rings, the opponent’s ball will be more uncomfortable and will make you harder to support. However, the story is not so simple, the game is quite jerky, so it will be difficult to correctly navigate your character. This can cause discomfort for many players when they sometimes can’t even see the ball anywhere. As a return, the computer AI handles polished interfaces quite well and captures the precise curves of topspin situations. The game also does not have precise statistics like modern tennis games. It also has practice modes that you can play to get used to scoring. However, many players think it is not very useful.


In the beginning, in front of you will be the face of the legendary Andre Agassi. This brings back memories for those who have admired and followed this sport since the 90s of the last century. However, when playing in reality, graphics quality is not as good as what we expected. Although the characters are built relatively meticulously and fully detailed, the courtyards are often unmarked and not even distinguish between clay and hard courts. With that said, it is also very jerky and difficult to follow the ball situation.

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