[Super Nintendo] Angelique

Full nameAngelique
File size1.2MB
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Angelique is a simulation game series that was first released by Koei in 1994. When released, it was advertised as the first game aimed at girls. It’s a pretty girly game; Angelique’s main character is female and has the opportunity to date nine bishounen throughout the game.


At the start, Cosmic Queen Character Angelique tells her top aide, an angel named Dia, that she has decided that it is time to choose a new queen. There are two brightest candidates selected to replace this young girl named Angelique and her jealous friend Rosalia de Katherine. However, different translations cause the names of these characters to change. Many languages are calling it “Katherine,” but others say it is “Cartagena. “ Anyway, when Rosalia and Angelique met, Rosalialam deliberately insulted and insulted Angelique. However, you can give her a name with whatever nickname you want. As they entered the throne room, they found Queen Angelique and the Nine Guardian Sages.


To prove that they deserve to be Queen of the Universe, Angelique and Rosalia will have to participate in the challenges of nurturing the people of the continent assigned to them. If one were the first to pass, he would become the new queen of the universe. Another aspect of the game is dating. The nine guardian angels are all bishounen’s and are qualified bachelors. In many ways, Angelique will find herself a suitable person among these nine guys and marry them.

Angelique will have to go to the chosen person’s home to power the planets and nurture her continent every day. After a while, the days may appeal to and attract them with her femininity and date each other. In the end, however, Angelique must choose the love or career that nurtures her universe. If she chooses one of the two, she won’t be able to achieve the other forever.


The graphics of the game are generally relatively simple and easy to see. In the middle of the game is a large, long, and long cutscene that introduces you to all the characters. The graphics are pretty good for a game that stops to be average with the Super Nintendo platform.

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