[Super Nintendo] Animaniacs

Full nameAnimaniacs
File size730.2KB
Genre Sports
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Animaniacs will give players many fun challenges to complete. Coming to this game, players will join many interesting missions. Also, you can control up to 3 characters at the same time. The game was developed by Konami.

The content

In Animaniacs, the game content based on a comedy cartoon of the same name of the producer Warner Bros. Besides, the adventure you are about to take part in will revolve around three main characters, Wakko, Yakko and Dot. You can distinguish them from their costumes. In which Wakko wears a light blue polo neck sweater and a baseball cap. Yakko wears brown pants and a black belt. And Dot brought a flower with a beautiful pink dress.

The gameplay

Besides, your task is stopping the two familiar villains, Pinky and Brain. In it, Brain is planning to steal Warner Bros’s drama scripts. Through the movie scenarios, 2 villains will brainwash people and rule the world. To stop the evil, Warner Bros CEO asked Wakko, Yakko and Dot to help them get back 24 pages of new movie scripts that Brain had stolen.

In the game, you will control all 3 characters to overcome the obstacles along the way. An interesting feature of Animaniacs is that it allows players to continue to participate in challenges when 2 of 3 main characters are captured by enemies. The game stopped only when all 3 characters were arrested. The main goal you have to complete is to collect 24 pages of script. However, the game does not require the player to collect enough script pages to end the game. Instead, you just need to overcome many pitfalls and defeat many enemies on the way. The challenges will take place in different stages. Each stage will take players to a different area in the studio of Warner Bros.

Along the way, players will meet many other cartoon characters and explore unique reactions. In addition to the task of overcoming enemies, players also have to collect coins in many different locations on the map. At this point, you can destroy items to collect coins. A unique slot machine will be set up at the bottom of the screen. It will bring special powers for players to use and complete the challenge quickly. To activate the device, you need to collect a certain amount of coins.

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