[Super Nintendo] Appleseed

Full nameAppleseed
File size853.2KB
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Appleseed: Oracle of Prometheus is one of the platform games developed by Kan’s and published by Visit.


The source for Appleseed’s plot comes from the popular anime series written by Masamune Shirow. Its story takes place in the future when characters like ESWAT, Deunan Knute, and Briareos Hecatonchires together protect the beloved city Olympus, one of the last remaining sites of humanity. Before that, the earth has been ravaged by the 3rd world wars. You will play one of these characters and beat asleep. However, the plot will also not significantly affect the way this game plays out.


Appleseed’s gameplay is the standard shooting style, like many previous traditional titles. You will be chosen to play the role of Deunan or Briareos before each mission. Deunan is smaller, so her fighting ability is also more limited. Briareos is somewhat more significant and more potent than Deunan. However, it must be said that the player is better off picking Deunan because of her agility. It is challenging for her to get hit because she has excellent mobility, can fight enemies in the narrowest spaces and is most effective. Of course, both characters have their own great ability to run and jump and fight with their weapons. The extra weapons will be able to be changed for different missions. However, falling into the bottomless hole is the most dangerous, and when you do, it is almost impossible for you to escape and sacrifice. So do not focus too much on the opponents. Pay more attention to these deep holes.

Sounds and Graphics

Appleseed has a relatively strange and unique soundtrack. Many people may not like this kind of music when they first hear it, but most will become addicted to this type of sound when they hear a lot. Next up, the nicely rendered cut-scene graphics. It reminds you of the origin of the manga. The background image is also relatively similar to the character in the movie. The villains are also drawn quite honestly and in detail.

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