[Super Nintendo] Arabian Knights – Sabaku No Seirei Ou

Arabian Knights – Sabaku No Seirei Ou
Full nameArabian Knights - Sabaku No Seirei Ou
File size0.0
Genre Role Playing
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Arabian Nights – Sabaku no Seirei-ou will provide players with fascinating turn-based battles against the background of mysterious and beautiful Arabian lands.

The story

In the game, the story begins with the fact that King of Djinns Ifrit was betrayed and attacked by one of his servants. The maid’s name is Suleiman. Besides, Suleiman’s house was attacked by a mysterious magic power. After that, he sealed the King in a ring with a magic Contract. In it, Ifrit could only escape the seal after fulfilling 1,000 wishes. Over time, the wishes were up and only one treaty remained. A century later, a magical ring appeared in a town – Bazaar. There, a girl (Shukran) picked up the ring and used her last wish to free Ifrit from the Magic Contract. The wish Shukran wanted to grant was to bring peace to her kingdom. To fulfill this wish, Shukran and Ifrit traveled throughout the kingdom to defeat the villains and protect the people.

The gameplay

Besides turn-based combat missions, Arabian Nights – Sabaku no Seirei-ō will offer card-based challenges. In the game, each card will correspond to a different magical power. In particular, it also contains unique combat skills effects for players to enjoy. Specifically, the power cards are available according to 9 separate attributes, each of which is divided into 5 levels. During the battle, players can own a maximum of 16 cards. Therefore, they must have smart strategies when using power cards when fighting enemies to be able to produce as much damage as possible and limit attacks from enemies.

During the game, players will control many different characters. They have a unique set of cards. Your team will fight in battle on different maps, each of which will take you to a different region of the Arab kingdom. Besides facing many normal monsters (low-level monsters), you also have to fight high-end monsters and bosses. Depending on the strength and ability of the enemy, the battle will last for many different periods. With turn-based combat elements and the choice of power cards to use, the game requires you to have clever calculations to kill enemies quickly and survive.

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