[Super Nintendo] Arcana

Full nameArcana
File size637.1KB
Genre Role Playing
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Arcana is a unique role-playing game. It was developed and released by was released by HAL Laboratory in 1992. In the game, the characters are set in the form of cards. Players will explore the battle challenges from the 1st perspective. Each character will be displayed as a card on the screen. Also, the card will display the avatar image and basic specifications of each character including HP, MP and LV. Besides, gamers can enjoy the challenge of team fighting. To win each battle, you need to take control of the characters in the group and use good strategies to be able to exploit the maximum of the strengths of each character.

The game content

The battle of Arcana takes place in the Elemen land, where was once ruled under the harsh control of Queen Rimsala. However, she was defeated by the Master Cards – a group of magicians who use the power of the elements for good purposes. After that, they seal the evil queen in a cold dungeon. After Rimsala was destroyed, this land fell into a fierce battle to find a new ruler. Besides, the members of the group Master Card are also chased by their magical powers. It may affect the rulers. Also, the group members were attacked by Galneon’s soldiers – a former member of the Wagnall wizards, under King Lexford. However, Galneon’s main purpose was not to become the head of the Elemen. He had a crazier plan, reviving Queen Rimsala.

At the end of the civil war, King Lexford was defeated and Galneon took control of the entire Elemen. He began the goal of reviving his Queen. Therefore, gamers have the task of controlling many different characters to fight the evil plan of Galneon. In particular, you will control the main character of the game is Rooks – a descendant of 1 of the members of Master Card. During the game, you also meet new characters like Ariel (Rooks’ best friend), Salah (King Lexford’s daughter), Teefa (Ariel’s attendant) and Axs (1 of the knights of king and Salah’s bodyguard).

How to play

Like other role-playing games, players will have to move through many different areas to fight and level up. Also, you will have to fight in many dungeons to collect special items that will empower each member of the team. There are 4 power factors to explore: Efrite (Fire), Marid (Water), Sylph (Wind) and Dao (Earth). Moreover, after each battle, you will receive the reward, consisting of gold and experience points. They will help you level up, upgrade powers and items and buy necessary things. It is a very typical feature of an RPG, which will make you interested in.

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