[Super Nintendo] Arcus Spirits

Arcus Spirits
Full nameArcus Spirits
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Genre Platform
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Arcus Odyssey is an action video game developed by Wolf Team and released by Renovation Products in 1991. It was not released until 1993 for Super Nintendo Entertainment System.


Castomira, the witch, tries to destroy the land of Arcus and turn into a land of chaos and darkness. She would succeed if she weren’t Princess Leaty, the granddaughter of the King of Light. Their battle goes on for days until the Customer is finally sent to the Dark World. To seal her permanently, Leaty created a sword called the Power of Leaty and handed it over to King Arcus, but you know how these work out. A millennium passed, and the Castomira followers stole the Leaty’s Power to bring back their shadow queen. Now, the future rests on the shoulders of four heroes to bring peace to Arcus.


Each character is different in their attack range and strength. Jedda has unbeatable health but has the worst timing. Diance is good at shooting arrows at long range but moves slowly. Erin has a medium whip, but if you get hit for a second time. Besides magic items, you also have a good chance of finding summoning scrolls. Effects have also been incorporated into the eye from Bread’s attacks to Jedda’s stony skin. You will always be excited and not bored when playing this game again.

In general, Arcus Odyssey is divided into eight chapters. These eight chapters all begin in the same ways that are role-playing. However, the action factors here are relatively gentle. You will gain more combat experience, but that means the strength bar is significantly reduced. Most chapters have a simple goal and find an exit and defeat the boss. You also experience puzzles that never go beyond finding the keys or items needed to progress. In that respect, it has the same tempo as that of an arcade game. It also has difficulty as space is limited, and you will be kicked back to the top of the level at the death. However, Infinite goes on, and the password makes it viable.

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