[Super Nintendo] Ardy Lightfoot

Ardy Lightfoot
Full nameArdy Lightfoot
File size633.0KB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Ardy Lightfoot is a cross-platform video game released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1993 in Japan and 1994 in the West.


Ardy Lightfoot is one of those typical games about being inspired by the stories of heroes. The hero is taken in the storyline with the same name as the game title. He is a rodent with a fur hat. He has to restore seven prehistoric power shards to defeat the evil forces outside.


You will play the main character and perform the assigned tasks. He can perform typical running and jumping moves and the most potent attacks from the tail. His pair is so unique that it can take him to a height he can’t jump to. However, Ardy’s most notable item is the Pec. It does nothing to be thrown around and is the main character’s close ally. He also can swallow objects in his way. At a specific time, the game will help Pec obtain special powers such as flying for a short period or finishing concrete metal blocks.

In the opening phase, Ardy was in reasonable control and had good coordination with Pec. However, the more later, the sequels will hinder you a lot when attacked by more enemies. Your resistance is usually not going to help. You need to move quickly to avoid the enemy. In phase 3, Ardy promises to get the diversity you need as you can hop in the trolleys to get out of your opponent’s siege. After passing all the levels, you will have to face the game’s most challenging boss battles.

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