[Super Nintendo] Aretha 2 – Ariel No Fushigi Na Bouken (Beta)

Aretha 2 – Ariel No Fushigi Na Bouken (Beta)
Full nameAretha 2 - Ariel No Fushigi Na Bouken (Beta)
File size1.5MB
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

This is the 2nd version of the original game of the same name. Although such a short period between the two games and Aretha 2, released in late 1994 by JAM media, it has made some excellent improvements, it might be worth it even for this category’s casual fans.


In the second game, Aretha continues to be the queen of the kingdom, and her life is less active than before. From the very first game, the queen of the kingdom seems to be satisfied with the less active life. That is until she gets a help request that sends her to travel around the world again. The plot has become much more attractive after this turning point. The story is immediately more engaging and does a better job of capturing the player’s attention for the game’s duration.


Just like the first player, you will have to collect different spray types to progress. The collected sprays include earth, fire, and light of the 6th souls. The souls will be inserted into the bodies of villagers in the neighborhood so they can forge weapons for you. The harder the levels are to level up, the harder it will be to find these objects. Many players have tried to cheat by hacking the sequence password to simply get through the first few rounds. But this is void in the next rounds.

At times, the player may be tempted to try various spells to exert too much unnecessary force. Allocate your resources where needed. Boss battles will cost you a lot of EP. If you don’t save your power, you won’t be able to win in the end. The only way to load an EP is by hitting enemies. Each time you hit, you will get 1 EP. Thankfully, the HP and MP regeneration items, along with weapons and armor, are very cheap compared to the amount earned per battle.


The game graphics have been significantly improved compared to the previous original. Characters and enemies have been more colorful and diverse, especially when terrifying and having a giant body. The various enemies are mostly swapped out for matching palettes and look even more intimidating, at least with the 16-bit standard. The towns look pretty old and have a pretty old style.

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