[Super Nintendo] Arkanoid – Doh It Again

Arkanoid – Doh It Again
Full nameArkanoid - Doh It Again
File size224.0KB
Genre Strategy
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Arkanoid: Doh It Again is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System game released by Taito Corporation in 1997 in Australia, the US, UK, and Japan.


The game is mainly about bats, balls, and some bricks. It looks quite simple but has a few vital points. Specifically, the way the bat changes its posture to receive specific upgrades is quite impressive. There are a lot of enemies floating around, and the gigantic monsters can overwhelm you. The backgrounds are also different with each round. More trees, bridges, and buildings appeared. This SNES version did a lot better than other platforms. You need to know that Kirby’s Dream Landlaunched in the same year, but it’s still a pleasing-looking game nonetheless.


Arkanoid provides a true story but still has a game to put the action in some context. Its setting is after the events that took place in the original game. The standard ship is still searching for one of the habitable planets. The crew also wanted to find a candidate with the right ability to launch Vanos. Fortunately, the small ship was equipped with enough power to advance through the enemy’s traps. This plot is generally intense, and the characters are incredibly complex.


Arkanoid is a game where you have to use paddles to fling a ball around to remove bricks as obstacles. The balls’ speed will increase over time, and if you don’t practice to adapt to it, the ball will go towards the bottom of the screen, and you will lose your life. Arkanoid also expands on many different game interfaces compared to other games at the same time. The enemies are more powerful and challenging to defeat. You also need more balls to beat boss battles. The most prominent part is probably the first level. Interestingly, you need to gather a lot of power to kick the farthest balls and the most outstanding addition is arguably the first item on that list. These powers range from being able to grab the ball and fire a double laser to the ball’s nucleus or allow it to smash through everything without bouncing.

Boss fights will impress you by using the climbing roof and embracing the paddle’s view grabbing a worm-like entity or a version of DOH. Fights like this are based not only on reality but also on asking a bit of luck to face a real boss in the final round.

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