[Super Nintendo] Art Of Fighting

Art Of Fighting
Full nameArt Of Fighting
File size1.1MB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Art of Fighting is a fighting video game trilogy released for the Neo Geo platform in the early 1990s. It was the second fighting game franchise created by SNK, following the Fatal Fury series.


It has two game modes: story mode and more difficult VS mode. In story mode, you will be selected as one of two characters, Ryo Sakazaki or Robert Garcia. They have to go on a mission to rescue Ryo’s sister Yuri from her mysterious kidnappers. You’ll have to drive to places around Southtown to get information about everyone you meet. The order of story modes are set in the following order: Todo, Jack, Bounty Game, Lee, King, Bounty Game, Mickey, John, Bounty Game, Big Man, and finally Final battle with Mr. Karate. After every two matches, you get a bonus. The bonus amount is different between 3 games. Specifically, to earn money, you must complete quests related to combat skills. If done successfully, Bottle Cut gives you a bigger soul bar, Ice Slash gives you a giant Health bar, and Super Death Strike lets you cast HaohShoKohKen for the rest of the game. Play. However, no game is challenging. All of the opponents in the game are computer AI, and it is relatively easy to defeat. Besides, Mr. Karate also has a syndrome called SNK Boss. The parts to play SNK Boss in this game are not too difficult, but it is not easy to overcome.

VS mode in this game happens relatively quickly and urgently. This mode only allows two players and can choose all types of objects attached. Apart from this, this mode doesn’t have too many unique things.


The whole effect is done in the studio. The sound of close-combat opponents is often loud. Some of the other creative products include the way opponents are bruised. This was unheard of in games at the same time. Character animation is on par with early 2D games. The backdrop and setting are also well done and relatively varied.

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