[Super Nintendo] Astral Bout

Astral Bout
Full nameAstral Bout
File size884.9KB
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Astral Bout is a Super Famicom video game based on various fighting styles found in the Japanese combat sports promotion Fighting Network Rings.


This gameplay is considered to be quite quality compared to the early SNES platform games. Each boxer in the game has a list of their moves and moves that belong to their sect. Elements of martial arts are also placed above all else when allowing the user to master their boxers’ moves by general practice. The character’s way of controlling the balance is relatively easy but also easy to delay. You only need a little practice. You will be able to learn simple and effective combos to trounce many opponents. The match will be over if anyone candidate knocks out his opponent, similarly to real MMA matches. So you always need to be vigilant about the opponent’s attacks. If you make any mistakes, you will pay a pretty high price.

Playback capabilities

When you have gone through a sufficient number of matches and accumulated a certain amount of experience, all of it is hardly difficult for you to get to the final rounds. The difficulty of the games also does not increase over time. If you have more friends to play with, it will be more fun than playing alone and gnawing pretty tasteless matches. You can spend hours on the ring with your friends to pass the time.


Astral Bout’s graphics just stay above average, like many other early SNES games. The controls are also nothing special. The characters are also designed enough to see clearly and not too unique. You can also identify specific names using a relatively intuitive and colorful animation system.


 The sound is relatively small and seems quite rushing to create a bit of a fast beat for the beginners to try this game. However, the prominence in music selection made Astral Bout more noticeable. Its music is not dull but does not expect a performance too impressive. You will probably be disappointed.

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