[Super Nintendo] Axelay

Full nameAxelay
File size764.4KB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Axelay is a 1992 scrolling shooter video game. Set in the fictional solar system Illis where an alien empire was known as “Armada of Annihilation” invades its planets, including the Earth-like Corliss, players control the titular D117B space fighter craft as a last resort to stop the alien invasion by recovering its lost weaponry.


Axelay’s plot is not too bad. It is played out in a planetary system called Ellis. The planet is occupied by an incredibly evil extraterrestrial force, the Armada of Annihilation. It remains behind a single world that is quite similar to Earth, Corliss. It was the last way to stop Armada’s power. Fighters take on the story of a journey into space to find new lands. However, its story is not too perfect. Many places are still quite confusing and make the player feel relatively out of place.


Axelay is over 20 years old since it was firstborn. However, for now, it is still attractive enough for people to sit down and burn their time without having to do with the nostalgia factor. From the outset, you can choose to adjust the settings for controls and the speed of activation. You are then transported into the world of the universe, where the game is played. You need to choose for yourself a variety of weapons necessary to unlock and perform the mission.

If you choose the wrong weapon, you will indirectly increase the difficulty of the game a lot. Therefore, you need to have specific strategies for himself when choosing the best weapons. You have a default weapon of relatively weak lasers and a standard shield – a gun for excellent defense, especially in melee situations or where the enemy aims at a distance.

You can switch weapons to each other by pressing the L and R keys throughout the game screen. Axelay is also unique with the lack of increasing difficulty levels in the game. You can’t even upgrade your weapons. But in return, this game also has a difference in the conventional way of attacks when you will not be able to die in an opponent’s attack but can lose weapons if you are shot down. When you lose all your guns, you have no choice but to wait to be destroyed. This gameplay style can help the game become more balanced and creative.

What makes the game stand out most is its continuous structure. You almost always have to brainstorm and shoot enemies from many directions instead of one side. This factor feels quite similar to the gameplay of Life Force on the NES. This increases the curiosity and visual and psychological stimulation of the player.

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