[Super Nintendo] Bahamut Lagoon

Bahamut Lagoon
Full nameBahamut Lagoon
File size1.9MB
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Bahamut Lagoon is a combination of two elements as RPG and strategy. In the game, you can use many characters with different powers to face enemies. Besides, this game also allows you to raise a dragon, like a pet. From there, you can use its powers in each battle (help the dragon grow stronger by feeding items).


The game’s plot takes place in a special world (this land exists in the air) is Orelus. This land divided into many different kingdoms, which the wars between the Empires destroyed (causing the blue sky to turn purple). The sky’s color changed when the Kahna Kingdom disappears. The Granbelos Empire conquered it, and the Princess was imprisoned to prevent the humans from opposing the Empire. In addition to Kahna, there were many other areas that the Empire invaded and ruled (for example, the Lacons Kingdom). From there, those who hated the Empire resisted harsh rule to Emperor Sauzer – who led Granbelos.

Gameplay and Characters

In  Bahamut Lagoon, you will accompany with many different characters to fight the brutal Empire. Each has designed according to different character classes, and they have many fighting skills. In particular, each class also owns a power element to fight. Similar to many other RPG challenges, you have to participate in many different missions to collect items and accumulate points to upgrade characters. Besides, the dragons that players own also receive many points after each battle to level up. They will take place in the form of turn-based competitions. Therefore, players have to understand the character’s power and upgrade scientifically. From there, you can exploit the strengths on the battlefield. Also, turn-based competitions require players to be calm to build reasonable strategies.

The missions will take the player to Orelus’s various areas. Each will have an environment to enjoy. In addition to completing the battle, you can also visit the villages to chat with the NPC, enter the shops to buy and sell goods. However, the game has a limitation that it does not own the map, and you cannot teleport to many different areas.

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