[Super Nintendo] Bassins' Black Bass

Bassins' Black Bass
Full nameBassins' Black Bass
File size1.0MB
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Bassins’ Black Bass will provide one-player challenge. In which, you will become a professional angler (by passing many opponents and different tournaments). There are 4 tournaments to join, you can only discover new after reaching 1 of the top 3 ranked positions. Fishing with a variety of high-value fish will help you achieve outstanding achievements to reach high positions. The first tournament will give you amateur opponents to get you acquainted. The others will bring more dangerous opponents (they have many good support tools and have experience), and you have to concentrate well to overcome these opponents. A tournament brings dozens of opponents, and the goal is to overcome 50 other competitors to go forward. Besides, you also have to choose the fishing support equipment that matches the tournament before playing.

Bassins’ Black Bass brings not only many competitors but also carefully designed with many different factors (weather, temperature …). Each will bring different difficulties when competing, players have to think quickly to overcome these difficulties. Besides, you also have to be persistent and skillful in the moving fishing lures to collect the right types of fish. The game has 8 types of fish with specific values​, including Catfish, Smallmouth Bass, Crappie, Pickerel, Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, Spotted Bass and Northern Pike.

Besides, you will join the challenge with a certain amount of fishing bait. Therefore, you have to have the most intelligent and accurate controls. When all the bait is used, you will be taken back to the shore to check your achievements. In addition, you can be returned to shore when your boat encounters fate. Therefore, moving carefully and avoiding collisions with obstacles on the fishing pond is an important task to continue. The moving by boat to many fishing positions is designed with a top-down view, while the fishing process builds in the 3rd perspective (from the character’s back). With these 2 features, players will get true fishing experience.

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