[Super Nintendo] Batman Returns

Batman Returns
Full nameBatman Returns
File size728.4KB
Genre Action , Racing
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Batman Returns 1992 beat ’em up video game for various platforms based on the same name’s film.


The game follows the movie’s plot from start to finish. It shows how the Penguin, or Oswald Cobblepot, wants to become the Mayor of Gotham City, but in reality, he wants to frame Batman. Also, Selina Kyle, Max Shreck’s secretary, gets pushed off a building and becomes Catwoman, who also helps the Penguin. The story is much better than the Genesis version of Batman Returns, as the genesis version started from where the Penguin framed Batman and Batman has to clear his name. This story is much better.


Batman’s main moves are punches and kicks, but he can also make some other cool moves. One of the best is when he grabs an enemy by moving close, and if there is a wall nearby, he can throw them up against it, usually killing them right away. If another clown is in the way, the second clown will be caught, and both will smash into the wall. A cool detail that occurs is that if he slams them against a street sign pole, the pole bends, or if he throws them into a bench, it breaks.

Hit a window, and it will shatter. Another cool move is when Batman grabs two opponents at the same time. He can slam both their heads together and eliminate them both. Along the way, you can find life refilling hearts. Bosses in this game are fairly hard, and they each usually require a certain strategy to defeat them. While it may get repetitive, it’s definitely fun for the first time through.

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