[Super Nintendo] Battle Blaze

Battle Blaze
Full nameBattle Blaze
File size585.0KB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

To rule a kingdom, the King has to possess intelligence and superior physical strength. In a Virg land, the King appears through the Championship (not in the popular form of medieval times, the King’s son will receive the throne after his father dies). Then, a demon from Hell (Dark Lord) planned to control Virg through the tournament. It created five ghosts that turned into humans to participate. They defeated many human opponents. But there was a warrior they could not defeat, Durill – who could become the Virg’s next King. At the final battle, Durill defeated the ghosts. However, he died shortly after the battle due to the poisoning with dark magic. After his father’s death, Kerrel (Durill’s son) tried to pursue the man who created the ghosts to kill.

Game modes

In Battle Blaze, you will discover two game modes, including The Hero and The Battle. In The Hero, you will control the main character, Kerrel, and participate in many battles throughout the Virg Kingdom. Each will take place in a certain area, which a powerful warrior manages and you have to defeat. Like many fighting games, players will win after defeating their opponent in two different rounds. Besides, the characters have their unique weapon to use. For example, Kerrel uses a long sword or Lord Gustoff (the Orc’s leader) uses morningstar. To end this mode, the player has to defeat Autarch (the last boss).


To win each battle, you have to move the character continuously (jump, forward, or backward) to evade the opponent’s skills. Besides, you also have to choose the appropriate time to attack (reducing the enemy’s vitality). In a battle, the character has a vitality bar at the top of the screen. It has three different colors (green, yellow, and red). In the beginning, the HP bar will be in a green state, after each correct attack, the HP bar will turn yellow and end at red when the opponent disappears.

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