[Super Nintendo] Battle Clash

Battle Clash
Full nameBattle Clash
File size661.0KB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Battle Clash is an action game, which was available by Nintendo in 1992. The game is in the Earth’s future with the organization’s battles to rule the world. Anubis, a ruthless warrior, and his empire constantly cause murders in many areas to rob and rule the land. One of the victims is Mike Anderson’s father. From Anubis’s actions, Anderson begins his journey to search for Anubis’ base and destroy him. Anderson fights in various cities and others such as New York, Andes, Cairo, London, Babel, Kyoto, and Oceania to complete his mission.

The game offers two modes, including survival and practice. The player will experience these modes with up to two players at once. You will start in practice mode to go to a desolate city that has weapons and armor. You will move around and study the skills to kill enemies. After a period of training, the player starts the first battle in New York. You have to control an ST Falcon gunner with a biological weapon and armor. The game takes place at a fast pace, and your skills will change constantly, requiring good reflexes. The energy and stamina display on the screen. When the energy bar is full, it is time for their special skills to be synthesized. The large orbs release from the characters’ hands will reduce the enemy’s stamina. Players’ energy increases rapidly when they travel at high speed in the city.

After crossing the first area, the player reaches the next area with many obstacles. In addition to fixed enemies on the move, they also have to destroy some large monsters in the way. They appear randomly and suddenly create many dangers for players. They have to control the movement speed to avoid direct contact with the enemy. The player has to restart if an enemy attack kills you. Battle Chiefs, an Anubis’s loyal subordinate that controls a robot, will prevent the character from reaching the final base. Players will move left, right, and jump to evade attacks from enemies. However, Chiefs have the weakness of not observe targets below. Catching this will help players quickly destroy enemies. After the Chiefs loses, Anubis comes out from the base with a violent expression and a laser gun. The mission completes when the Anubis and its base disappear.

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