[Super Nintendo] Big Sky Trooper

Big Sky Trooper
Full nameBig Sky Trooper
File size533.4KB
Region Europe Europe
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Big Sky Trooper is a sci-fi themed action game released on Super Nintendo back in 1995. For now, you can enjoy this game for free with the ROM we provide in this article.

Against aliens

With fiction, Victor Company of Japan, Ltd., and LucasArts prepared Big Sky Trooper with exciting content to fight aliens. The battle that the game brings to the army involves the evil Space Slug army (lead by the Sultan of Slime), and their purpose is to attack humanity to take over the human-controlled planets. After capturing almost colony, the Sidereal Shock (mankind’s defense unit) has to recruit more new soldiers to join the Space Slug attacks. To join the self-defense force, you have to pass three rigorous training exercises. Next, you will take to ESS Dire Wolf and meet with Flexible Interactive Digital Omnicomputer (FIDO, a high-tech computer system with an avatar of a dog). This system will provide different tasks to perform with a single goal is to defeat the Sultan of Slime’s invasion.

Lots of quests to conquer

The tasks that include hostage rescue, gathering items, repairing machinery, and some fascinating others. Besides, your combat missions will take place on many different planets in outer space (each also owns the environment). Firstly, you have to reach the planets that Space Slug occupies. Next, you have to destroy the enemy’s spaceships that are around this planet (they will bring many spacecraft of different sizes, large and small, to destroy). Complete to fight the enemy fleet, the game will bring the character to the planet’s surface, and you have to destroy all enemies to complete the challenge. In two missions, the first one is simpler. The second is more complicated when you have to move to different areas to destroy the Sultan’s soldiers.

Complete the challenges

In combat missions on the ground, the character has an energy bar on the left of the screen. When the energy bar drops, players can collect support items to restore energy. Finish a challenge, you will come back to the spacecraft and choose a new planet to continue the mission. Besides, you can also participate in side missions such as talking to the NPC or opening safe paths to transport machinery.

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