[Super Nintendo] BioMetal

Full nameBioMetal
File size438.1KB
Region Europe Europe
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

BioMetal is a side-scrolling shooting game developed by Athena and released by Activision exclusively for the Super SNES platform. The game takes the theme of science fiction about the war between humans against the alien invasion.


BioMetal is a shooting game to protect humanity from the alien’s destruction. In a distant future, a war between galaxies happened. In this war, resources ran out of, and people had to find new resources to continue to exist and develop. Therefore, the Galaxy Council sent a small fleet to the planet with the code UP456 to search for the natural resources. However, this reconnaissance mission and scientific research became a disaster. The fleet that received the mission to discover UP456 was unexpectedly attacked by an alien race. Half-animal and half-mechanical, this race was BIOMETAL.

After the first encounter with BIOMETAL, the Galactic Council received a frightening announcement. The number of BIOMETALs began to increase rapidly in a short time, and they began to enter human-controlled colonies. Since then, the Council set up a special unit, the WASP. It was responsible for stopping the alien attacks and repelling them to the location where the first two races met – UP456.


In the game, you will control the spacecraft with code MF-926X Halbard. With this ship, you have to destroy the enemy’s cosmic fleet. In addition to the basic attack weapons, players can also explore many others by collecting technical boxes along the way. Each will bring a different weapon to use (rocket …). In particular, the spacecraft has also a shield and provides the ability to completely prevent damage from enemies (it displays 4 blue spheres moving around your fighter). However, it can only use for a short time (an energy bar displays at the bottom of the screen to capture the time to use). Time up, the shield takes time to recover energy and continue to use at later stages. Your movements will take place in a horizontal screen, players can fly up high, lower, forward, or backward to collect items and avoid enemy skills. Besides, you also have to fight with many different bosses to end the game.

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