[Super Nintendo] Bishin Densetsu Zoku – The Legend Of Zoku

Bishin Densetsu Zoku – The Legend Of Zoku
Full nameBishin Densetsu Zoku - The Legend Of Zoku
File size1.2MB
Genre Action
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

The Legend of Bishin is inspired by crazy city racing. The game was developed by Magifact and released for free on the Super Nintendo in 1993.


In addition to intense races with many different opponents, The Legend of Bishin offers also addictive fighting battles to experience. The game’s context is future milestones. At that time, Mount Fuji unexpectedly erupted lava by 2020. Tokyo City suffered some damage and affected people’s lives. However, this natural disaster overcame, and humans could return to their homes to live. After that, a new social evil appeared on the streets. Mafia gangs occupied them (using motorcycles as a means of transportation) and confused in society. In which, the Bishin gang was the most dangerous mafia group (led by Ryoko and the female members). The two main characters are Koji (20 years old – 1 former professional athlete) and Lisa (16 years old – Bishin’s senior members). But she left the gang after a period of work. To return for the city’s peace, Lisa and Koji decided to destroy Bishin.

Gameplay and characters

In The Legend of Bishin, you will control Koji or Lisa to participate in various races. Unlike the races at the stadium, these races take place on the streets and do not bind drivers to any rules. Therefore, gamers will be comfortably colliding with each other in every match. Before starting each match, the game will give you a certain time (it requires you to complete the race within a limited time). Besides, the right side of the screen shows a small map to help players capture the position to move to during the race. During a competition, a character may fall out of a vehicle when colliding with other vehicles. Meanwhile, the screen will switch to the context of fighting to participate. In this game, you have to defeat all enemies on the screen to return to the track and complete the challenge.

Many stages to challenge

The game will bring seven different stages to compete, each will bring a separate battle context. The scenes include desert, volcano, jungle, highway, construction site … Also, each will bring a different boss to defeat. They include Lidera, Miki & Aki, Lei-Fan, Miyabi, Roller & Dozer, Flare, and Ryoko. You will face Ryoko at the final stage, and it takes place on the Neo-Tokyo streets.

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