[Super Nintendo] Blackthorne

Full nameBlackthorne
File size677.1KB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

BlackThorne (Blackhawk) has a design with one part which is a player. This game was available by Blizzard Entertainment in 1994.

Game story

The game content involves Kyle (the protagonist) and his journey to save people from the evil forces. Before the main events, the story began with the planet Tuul, and the leader was Thoros. The king had two sons and was wondering to choose who would be his successor to the throne. To solve this problem, Thoros brought two children to a large desert. There, the King killed himself, and his body transformed into two different stones, a light, and a dark stone. Afterward, two sons gave them so that they could build their kingdom to rule. With the light stone, the Androth’s Kingdom formed, and the dark stone created the Ka’dra’suul’s Kingdom.

However, the Ka’dra’suul humans did not respect the stone’s power that they received. As a result, the humans in this kingdom turned into monsters. Next, a self-proclaimed Sarlac took control of his power and became the Ka’dra’suul’s new ruler. This villain built an army, and his goal was to invade Androth. Knowing Sarlac’s evil plot and the impending war, King Vlaros and his loyal friend – the magician and adviser Androthi Galadril, took the King’s son to Earth to take refuge. Besides, the King also gave his son a light stone to protect Androth’s descendants. After living and growing on Earth (more than 20 years), Kyle received Galadril’s messages in his dream and urged him to return to Tuul to rescue Sarlac.


In Blackthorne (Blackhawk), Kyle “Blackthorne” Vlaros will prepare a plan to revenge and to liberate the humans. Therefore, you will have to control and help him overcome many different dangers in this journey (monsters, traps …). The game has 17 levels and four battle areas (Androth’s mineral mine, Shadow fortress, Wasteland desert, and Karrellian swamp). To fight Sarlac’s army, you have a shotgun.

Overcoming the stages, you will meet many new characters, and they will help you upgrade weapons (enhance strength and attack speed). Each will complete by rescuing prisoners, destroying monsters, and collecting special keys.

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