[Super Nintendo] Blazeon

Full nameBlazeon
File size489.7KB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

BlaZeon: The Bio-Cyborg Challenge is an action game, which was available by Atlus in 1992. In a fantasy world, exploring planets in the universe to find technology from aliens became popular. An army had to travel through the solar system to collect information. However, aliens controlled them and returned to Earth in the form of large Bio-Cyborg robots. They began to use their power to rule some lands and plot to rule the world. As a result, a hero accepted to save the world and to destroy Bio-Cyborg. He uses his fighter pilot to fly into space and begins a long journey with many dangers.

The player’s mission is to control The Garland TFF-01 military aircraft to destroy the enemy. It has a powerful laser gun, creating a fast and strong light. They have to go through many stages to destroy aliens. Firstly, players will enter a mysterious base. After defeating an enemy, the player collects an item that changes the aircraft’s shape. It also allows them to carry a light machine gun. Equipping both makes the player safe. For example, when meeting an enemy who is a military pilot, they will move up or down and attack them with a laser gun. The pilot disappears after three attacks. Small cannons or satellites flying around the base will dissolve when the player uses a machine gun.

Players have to pass a special room containing many holes in the next stage. In which, each contains a cannon. Six cannons will attack the player at the same time. Clever movement is an important factor to escape. Military aircraft will explode, and the player has to repeat this process if they collide with the cannon. The difficulty increases in the final stages. Players face many large robots and alien monsters. In the final battle, they have a gun with the ability to fire four laser beams to fight the alien leader. The game ends when the leader disappears.

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