[Super Nintendo] Block Kuzushi

Block Kuzushi
Full nameBlock Kuzushi
File size306.2KB
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Block Kuzushi is an entertaining game for Super Famicom in late 1995. The game has a simple gameplay and beautiful visuals suitable for all ages.

The player’s task is to destroy the wooden blocks in a room. They have to go through many levels with increasing difficulty. The player owns a horizontal board under the box and a small ball. By moving left or right, they will observe the ball’s falling cycle and make them fly backward on top of the box by colliding with them. The upper area has bombs with wooden blocks. Each disappears after several collisions with the ball. Players have to break any block to activate a nearby bomb. A chain reaction occurs when the bomb explodes. They get bonus points after breaking each. This bonus depends on the number of blocks disappear at once and the level’s difficulty. When the wooden blocks disappear, it is time for the player to finish their task.

Players come to many levels containing different maps. Obstacles and enemies appear to create new challenges for them. Sometimes, the map’s color is similar to the wooden block’s color, which will cause many difficulties for players. Enemies appear after the 10th level. Wooden blocks arrange around a monster to ensure its safety. Monsters only exist for a certain time. It will explode if the player does not destroy all the wooden blocks during that time. The ball’s higher speed requires players to reflect quickly to choose the correct point of fall. They get some useful items in stages like a watch and a shoe. Owning a watch will cause monsters to instantly freeze for a minute. Players will increase the speed when picking up a shoe. Equipping enough these items helps them complete their tasks more easily.

In addition to the familiar game mode, players can create an optional level. They will choose the speed of the ball, the terrain, the height of the box, and the enemy. These challenges take place until the player wins. New challenges will help them discover their abilities and have a relaxing time with Block Kuzushi.

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