[Super Nintendo] Bobby's World

Bobby's World
Full nameBobby's World
File size624.4KB
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Bobby’s World is a unique adventure game by Siedel Software Productions in 1995. In the room cleaning, Martha tells Bobby to get lost in a dream with actions in imagination. The player will accompany Bobby to discover interesting things and face the dangers in the dream.

Players will control Bobby to start his home cleaning journey. Bobby goes through five stages with five different dreams. The first takes him to a land of great space. Bobby carries a balloon and wears a school bag to fight alien monsters. Many enemies disappear after colliding with balls like rabbits and snails. He moves left, right or jump to fight them. Besides, Bobby will sit down and turn away from the enemies attacking from above to defeat them. He collects many candies in his dream. Next, Bobby goes down to the basement to explore new areas. Enemies that appear in the chimneys and on the floor will be much danger. He finds a large hole in the floor that takes him to the large monster’s hiding place. Bobby has a military plane with rockets to take down this monster.

After defeating the monster, Bobby goes to the cave in space. Here, he sees many monsters like turtles and bees moving everywhere. To escape from this area, Bobby has to destroy all monsters and collect many candies. Gaps in the cave’s terrain can cause him to die when he falls. Bobby has to jump high to cling to the next tree to get to the other map’s side. His movement speed increases after passing through the holes. Dream brings Bobby to many different areas and stops under the river. He has a small submarine to safely move on the bottom of the river. By attacking the enemy directly, Bobby will collect many candies. Bobby imagines a haunted house in his last dream. He has to fight with the skulls and witches. When meeting the witch, Bobby uses a flying broom to attack. In the end, he goes to the tombs and finds a monster with great power. The game ends when the monster is defeated, and Martha awakes Bobby.

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