[Super Nintendo] Bomberman B-Daman

Bomberman B-Daman
Full nameBomberman B-Daman
File size510.7KB
Genre Action , Adventure
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Bomberman B-Daman is a game by Hudson soft in 1996. The player’s task is to control the character to destroy all bombs on the map. They will go through many levels to complete their mission.

The game includes several game modes like single player, two-player, battle and create optional battles. With the battle mode, the player will discover many levels with increasing difficulty. Pre-arranged bombs appear, they have to use their power to detonate a bomb and create a chain reaction. The mission completes when they destroy all bombs on the map and get 100 points. In the next levels, the bombs will arrange according to a different rule. The map will include big and small bombs with different explosive ranges. The player will observe and then controls their firing power to fire at the bomb. If it doesn’t explode completely after the first shot, the player will have to repeat that level. You do not feel depressed because after a certain level there will be a change in gameplay. The bombs are not just standing, they are constantly moving. The player has to accurately calculate the time that a bomb passes through larger bombs to make an explosion. This requires agility from the player.

In level 10, the player will go to a forest containing many bombs and a guarded enemy. They offer two attacks to destroy them and enemies. Many obstacles like logs and stones, will make the player difficult. After they pass all levels, their reward points will display on the screen. Players can redo many times to increase their score. An optional match will appear according to the player’s requirement. They start building terrain for two players to show off their skills. They can choose their characters with different shapes and colors. Many bombs will move the players’ sides. After a certain time, the player with the highest score will win. These chain reactions rarely occur in this mode. Players have to observe and move appropriately to destroy many bombs before their opponent.

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