[Super Nintendo] Bombuzal

Full nameBombuzal
File size172.9KB
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Bombuzal is a puzzle game by Image Works. Bombuzal’s gameplay has many similarities with previous games. The player will go to a map with many dangers from the squares. You have to find their rules to overcome the game’s level.

The game offers 130 levels with increasing difficulty. The player will choose the initial difficulty level, including Easy, Medium, and Hard. You will go to an area that includes many squares. Some bombs randomly place on those squares. Your task is to destroy all bombs and ensure safety for themselves. To win, you have to observe the map and make a reasonable decision about the way that you will move. When passing a bomb, the player will detonate and break two adjacent squares. Each has a different size and explosion range. You will go to the corners of the map to activate the small bombs and the center with the big bomb. A special bomb that will place randomly, destroys 13 squares within explosive range. The player can collect bombs and prevent them from exploding as they lie on the bricks. This will create a chain reaction that destroys many squares. Each level takes place within the required time. Players receive bonus points for completing each level. This bonus depends on the time that you complete and how difficult the game is.

In addition to activate the bombs, the player has to destroy many enemies at the next level. Their enemy is a large character at the corner of the map. The player has to destroy them by placing bombs on squares near the character. An explosion appears that destroys eight squares after they lose. At level 120, the boss appears to move around the map. The player has to destroy squares to prevent them from attacking him. If an explosion attacks or kills you, they will have to repeat the level. Experience passing previous levels will help players have the appropriate moves to win the last level. They can come to the next difficulty level to create new challenges and conquer all the missions.

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