[Super Nintendo] Bonkers

Full nameBonkers
File size703.8KB
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Bonkers is an adventure game, which was available by Capcom in 1994. The game comes from the Disney animated series of the same name. The story begins when the enemy stole Toontown’s treasures. After that, Bonkers D. Bobcat and Lucky Piquel, his friends began to find lost treasures. However, Piquel had to hospitalize in an accident. Bonkers had to carry out the process of finding clues alone with many dangers.

Players will control the Bonker’s character through six stages to complete their mission. He comes from a mansion containing many enemies such as bees, bears, and rabbits. Bonkers move left, right, and jump to move and attack enemies. Enemies disappear when he jumps to his head. Bonkers receives a bonus when he kills an enemy. He collects many bounties and foods on his move. A pair of shoes randomly appearing in the castle helps him increase his movement speed. In addition to the terrestrial opponents, Bonkers has to pass a pool in the castle with the fish and frogs’ attack. He moves to the castle’s rooms to search for clues about the lost items. The magic lamp is at the end of the first phase under the cruel demon’s control. It attacks Bonkers by ascending and releasing flames. The magic lamp appears after the demon loses.

Bonkers get a clue leading to the next treasure storage. Wackytoon Studios is the next place he has to go to. Bats and aliens stand to guard every location on the map. Bonkers has to move fast to overcome obstacles and jump in enemies. The Hollywood downtown’s wing opens when he reaches the Studios safely. In the city, Bonkers face bandits and their subordinates. They stand on the building’s upper floors and drop the bombs. Bonkers will move flexibly to avoid those bombs to come to the boss fight at the end of the city. He continues to collect the witch’s hat, an item stolen when defeating the boss.

Bonkers continue to the next stages at the harbor, the subway, and finally the Pops Clock tower. After collecting all three treasures, including the witch’s hat, Mermaid’s Voice, and the magic lamp, Bonkers returns to Toontown City and places them in their original location.

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